Thursday, February 4, 2010

geek chic glasses

I personally own a pair of glasses like these and I love them! Its so nerd chic! I love how its a little strange-but incredibly fierce! The prices for these little puppy's range from 12$ to 500$- but anything that matches your personal style is best! But a little f.y.i. dont go with big clunky thick-rimmed glasses or huge 1980's round glasses- they look junky not nerd chic.

P.S.- I am so glad to be back! After a month of loads of school work- I am really excited to start posting again! I was so happy to come on here and find out I still have readers even though I hadn't posted anything new!! Thanks again!

Stay Farouche!


  1. I have a pair that are black with bright green on the side with black zebra stripes over the green. I think they are the cutest things EVER! I love them!

  2. I love them ! Vintage glasses or Rayban I love !


  3. i want some where can i find them cheap ??