Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Farouche Fashion Fails

We have all seen them, walking down the sidewalk, at a mall, or even your own mother wearing fashion failures. I am the first to admit it is incredibly hard not to burst out laughing at the hilarity of their outfit but in the end, I pity the individual who believes that their fashion is farouch(ious) but in reality it is a bomb. Thus, here is what I believe are the top 3 fashion failures. (Warning- not for the fashionably squeamish)
The currently popular baggy clothes- now unless you want to look like a gangster or look about 50 pound heavier than you really are(plus it looks like you have midget legs), DO NOT WEAR BAGGY CLOTHING! Even jeans that are to baggy and loose will add pounds to your legs and butt.
This next trend- crazy colors. The most annoying thing that I see while I am walking around are the high school girls about 20 pounds to heavy, squeezing into neon colored skinny jeans, pairing it with some sort of insanely colored shirt. This is not fashion or style- that is a fail. Please, I do not want to wear sunglasses all the time while I am out, because of these blinding colors that people wear!

I am not quite sure if this is considered fashion, but it has to be said! Girls! And some guys! Pluck or wax your freakin eyebrows!! When people talk to each other it is a common courtesy to look at eachother in their eyes, what is right above your eyes? Your eyebrows! Thus assuming that no one will see those big hairy nasty's up above your eyes is a wrong assumption! Not plucking your eyebrows display to the entire world a lack of respect to not only yourself but others as well. At least get rid of the unibrow so when someone is talking to you they can hold back their laugh a little bit longer!

Trust me on this one- pluck your eyebrows!