Friday, December 11, 2009

ugh...Why UGGs?

If you haven't heard of UGG boots then you have been living under a rock for the past two years. There everywhere, from the feet of little babies to grandmothers, if you walked through a mall no doubt you would be able to count at least 50 pairs tramping around the mall like a lost Eskimo.

In my opinion UGGs should only be used when one is actually planning to go on a snowy wintry vacation where there will actually be snow and use the boots for warmth and to look cute, because attempting to look fashionable in these boots will only end up failing. Look at these examples to show you what I mean...

I don't believe this needs any explaining other than if it is hot enough for a sombrero, than its too hot for uggs.

So next time you go shopping, try not to gag at the sea of UGGs marching towards you. Instead, look for an alternative to the UGGs such as a stylish leather boot- that unlike the UGG- will never be mistaken for a dead platypus.

♥ stay farouche


  1. Omg I couldnt agree more with you. they are so freaking annoying because everyone wears them and then the people who wear them think they are amazing.aarrghhhhhh!!!! and of course lets link exchange :) x

  2. only appropriate after surfing in the winter to keep feet warm on drive home - that's what the were originally meant for (-:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - YES lets trade links - adding yours to my blog now.

  3. haha.. love it! let's just say if you live in cali or some other warm metropolis they should not be on your feet! I'll add you to my blog roll!

  4. Uggs on the beach? Ok,we trade links. I put you on my blogscroll

  5. hey thanks for stopping by, of course we can exchange links. just le me know whenever you're ready : )

    aww i love uggs ! i'm so saddened to read this. though i have to agree, uggs on the beach is slightly ridic, but uggs in the snow are awesome ! super cozy

    xx lue