Tuesday, December 15, 2009

fashion pet peeves?

The number one fashion pet peeve of mine- socks and sandals! Why do people insist on participating with this horrid habit!! What are some of your fashion pet peeves?

There is no excuse.....

...absolutely no excuse to wear socks with sandals!

Really? Socks with slides? Ew.

♥ Stay farouche


  1. hehe what a cute sign! I actually try not to havve any fashion peeves because I think everyone should be allowed to wear whatever makes them happy. My only one is often in big cities you see big groups of people all dressed exactly the same, and that is somehow very annoying to me!

  2. hee hee, I do like Alexa Chung style socks and shoes, cute! been scrolling through your blog - so good!! Definitely be back! Come take a wee peak at ours or follow us if you fancy.

    Have a lovely lazy Sunday :) xx

  3. ugh, I hear you, that's my #1 fashion pet peeve too! Such a faus pas, it's just the ugliest. And unfortunately here in Switzerland lots of people do it. Yuck.